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Governor Ducey Signs San Tan Valley Right to Vote Bill

Governor Ducey Signs San Tan Valley Right to Vote Bill
Governor Ducey Signs San Tan Valley Right to Vote Bill


San Tan Valley residents are now free to decide if they want to vote on whether or not they want to become a city, without fear of smaller neighboring communities vetoing that vote.

HB2088 passed the House on Feb 8th, the Senate on Feb 16th and Governor Ducey signed the bill into law this afternoon, Feb 21st.

"Today is an historic win for San Tan Valley," said San Tan Valley resident Tisha Castillo, who has fought at the legislature for several years to change legislation. "Thank you to former Senator McGuire who helped start this process, to Rep Eddie Farnsworth for his dedication for the last two years and to Senator Griffin who was willing to wrong a right.  Thank you to all of the legislators who supported our effort, to everyone in and around San Tan Valley who pulled together to help make this happen and of course Governor Ducey who signed the bill today."

While residents are excited with this success, HB2088's passing does not make San Tan Valley a city nor does it guarantee that it will become a city. It simply allows the community to put the initiative on the ballot, if they so choose, without needing permission from any smaller community within six miles of the proposed boundaries.  "If the community decides to move forward there is a lot of work to do.  This issue doesn't just get on a ballot", said Castillo. "We'll have to follow statute and find out if we even have enough support to get it on a ballot to be voted on.  Either way, it's just great to know that the decision will finally be ours."

Now that HB2088 has been signed by the Governor, it will not take effect until 90 days after the legislative session ends. The 100 day mark is April 22nd, so if the session ends then, the effective date will be about the end of July.